Withdrawing Prizes at Zodiac Casino – Guide for Newbies

Microgaming products at Zodiac casino provides incredibly high jackpots and various promotions increase changes to have permanent winnings. Moreover, 15 progressive rewards offer even higher sums which can make someone a millionaire within few minutes. Nevertheless, there are elements to consider by each gambler to ensure smooth and simple path of sending acquired money from the system into external accounts.

Fast & Safe Cash Out Terms


The platform combines the necessity to provide rapid withdrawals and to guarantee a compliance with protection rules. Thus, due to FATF (Financial Action Task Force) requirements, it can conduct verifications of various documents linked to cash out. Therefore, when a person uses any available payment methods primarily, the company will take 5-7 working days to validate mentioned banking details.

Personal Info

Zodiac cares about the privacy policy and explains on its website all related terms as to rights and obligations, non-disclosure, liability, etc. Indeed, such notice is needed as additionally to personal data provided at the registration stage, banking details at Microgaming casinos will be requested for indicating a “Preferred Method of Payment”. The establishment of POMP on the program will allow making further withdrawals automatically.

Wagering Rules

Taking into account numerous bonuses, there are wagering requirements which prohibit direct withdrawals of such easily obtained sums. Ordinarily, an individual has to play-through 30 times (for first deposit within the welcome package it is 60) such rewards to be eligible for cash out.

Withdrawal Limits

The casino itself as well as specific banking mechanisms impose their specific restraints. Firstly, it concerns minimum amounts to proceed as smaller sums will be insufficient and would not justify the cost of the transaction. Secondly, there is a timeframe to send money between accounts.

by Zodiac

All possible methods work only if a person transfers at least €50. Moreover, this number is higher for direct bank transfer and it reaches €300. Moreover, the platform includes 2 days pending period. It freezes assets in question and during these 48 hours an individual can change his/her mind and, without any fees, reverse the process. Moreover, if the whole amount of player’s purchases within any Casino Reward partner is 5 times less than the sum acquired by waging, than €4,000 euro is a weekly maximum withdrawal for such user.

by Payment Service

Additionally to specific Zodiac limitations, each particular banking technology institutes other restrictions concerning the minimum and maximum amount to send, a number of days when the process will be finished and any related fees. Moreover, all these figures may change depending on the targeted sum.

Best Withdrawal Methods at Zodiac

Significantly, the platform successfully operates with different payment methods. There are various e-wallets, debit/credit cards (without any preferences towards the supplier, such as Visa, Maestro, American Express, etc) and direct bank/wire transfers. Nevertheless, some options are only available in Canada and cannot currently apply to other countries because of legislative restrictions. It includes OCT, CAD EFT and one type of electronic wallets - Skrill.


PayPal and Neteller are the most popular alternatives for consumers. Importantly, e-wallets do not impose any fees. Thus, a person has to meet a minimum threshold requirement and, afterwards, the assets will be transferred to the personal external account without losses. Normally, the process takes 1-3 working days after a pending period is over.


Cards (Debit/Credit)

The official website specifies that within 3 working days after commencing a withdrawal via Visa, Maestro or MasterCard an individual will obtain cash on his/her debit/credit card. Moreover, there are no charges as well. Nevertheless, as for other banking options, 2.5% of the sum constitutes the conversation fee if currency is different from sending and receiving accounts.

Bank Transfers

This type is the most secure. User needs to indicate account numbers and assets will automatically go to a bank. Therefore, no card is needed and these details may remain a secret. Nevertheless, there are related disadvantages. Firstly, the timeframe to complete any transaction constitutes 6-10 working days. Thus, it easily takes 2 weeks. Secondly, a person has to pay additionally €35 for this service and €70 if the amount requested is €3,000 or more.