Alarm response services for business

Alarm response for businessWe’ve all sat at home with the sound of a house or car alarm going off in the background. They can wail on for ages until you want to scream as much yourself. Brilliant at detecting movement, but who’s going to turn it off and scare away the intruder? After all, the intruder knows most of the neighbours are rolling their eyes, swearing, and thinking about writing to the local paper about the noise. Meanwhile they just keep on filling their swag sack with treasure, while passers-by simply look on blankly.

Modern alarm technology is great, but all too often ineffective because nobody pays the slightest attention. It can be as sensitive as you want, but it’s worth nothing without good backup. The intruder has to know that someone is on their way to investigate, and that’s where Hallmark offers the right solution.

Rapid Response

At Hallmark, we specialise in commercial security. By night or day, your business is at risk from deliberate break-ins or casual vandalism. That’s why our response team is manned 24/7, and can be out there in minutes. It’s not just intruder alarms we cover either, we can attend to smoke or CO2 detectors and fire alarms as well, Read here to learn about the capabilities of class A fire alarm systems. Knowing we’ve got your back gives you total peace of mind.

Trained and Experienced

Our response officers are fully trained and professional. We aim to be at your business in minutes to conduct a full site inspection, before resetting alarms and securing the premises. We’ll only call the police if an intruder is confirmed. Our service meets most insurers’ standards and falls in line with your staff safety obligations under the Corporate Manslaughter Act too.

For more information about our security services, contact Hallmark Security and speak to one of our experts about your security needs.