Corporate Security: Choosing the Right Security Company

The job of a security firm is to protect something of value. So it stands to reason that we must have complete trust in the company we employ. But in an industry that’s open to corruption due to the nature of the work it undertakes, how do we go about ensuring we’re getting somebody we can rely on?

How Long Have They Been Around?

A dishonest or incompetent security company won’t last long in the marketplace, so a good idea is to find out how long they’ve been in business. This is not the same as the amount of experience they have, as that can refer to the individuals who are working there. A reputable company will have been around several years and its name will be well known.

Naturally, word of mouth is great for this sort of work, so ask around. Find a company that’s built up a good reputation among people in a similar line of work to yours.

Do They Know What They’re Doing?

Experience is crucial. This is something that can apply to individuals, as well as the company itself. Are they experienced in the areas of work that you require? After all, every industry has its own unique issues. Regulatory environments differ too, which means you need to find out if they’re aware of what sort of job they’re dealing with. You need to be sure a company you employ meets the criteria of your insurance policies.

Where Are They Based?

Knowing the answer to this question is useful. If they have a physical address that you can call into, what sort of building is it? A reputable company will have a physical office that reflects this. However, they may not have an office at all, so check the address. Are they using a PO number? A company with a physical address and a landline phone number convey more confidence.

How Well Do They Know Their Staff?

This is a crucial thing to consider. The company may look reliable, but what about the individual to whom they’re giving your keys?

A frontline security guard working in the UK should be SIA (Security Industry Authority) certified. This means they would have achieved certain standards of training for work within the private security industry. A good security company will have all this paperwork in place and they’ll be happy to show you, so don’t be afraid to ask.

However, there’s no one single skill set for security work, so you need to consider the role you want to fill. Does the environment in which they’ll be working involve hazardous substances? Are they going to be responsible for moving money around? These require different types of training and experience. How will an individual guard work in a public place, if that’s what you need? If they are going to be public facing, will there be children around? Security guards need additional clearances if that’s the case.

Who to Call?

At Hallmark Security we’ve got many years’ experience providing security for the commercial sector, and all our staff are fully SIA licensed and vetted (BS7858). For all your security needs, call us today on 0151 257 9996.