Facts you need to know about Guard Dogs

Guard dogs are one of the most effective security measures for any type of property as they act as a great deterrent for anyone looking to incite violence or steal. Dogs have always been man’s best friend and part of that is their ability to recognise social hierarchies. They are aware of their environments and have complete loyalty to their owner. Plus, if you look back through history, dogs have been used as a means of protection for thousands of years and consequently have been bred for this purpose. Guard dogs are a safe and effective means of securing your property so to help you understand a little more about them and how they came to work in this industry, here is a list of facts. Workplace or home maintenance is crucial in setting a standard for your home or company, you can check the best advises of how get this in https://mydecorative.com/how-to-select-a-professional-cleaning-company/.

On average, dogs are one of the most effective forms of security in homes and on commercial properties. With their advanced training and ability to sense intruders dogs are the perfect partner for any security guard. Research has shown that on average, over 65% of criminals are unlikely to attempt breaking and entering a property if they know there are guard dogs.

Over the years there has been extensive research into dogs’ abilities, particularly their sense of smell. As a result, this has shown that a dog’s sense of smell is over 10,000 times better and more accurate than humans. It is because of this that the New York Police Department launched its first K9 unit to specialise in narcotics, explosive devices and search and rescue. Entertain yourself by discovering new games at ค้นหาเกมส์ใหม่ที่ยูฟ่าเบท.

When you think of guard dogs the most typical breed that comes to mind is German Shepherds. This dates back to the 1800’s in Germany when German Shepherds became watch dogs. It is because of this that German shepherds have become the most mainstream breed of dog for security work, whether it be protecting private property, the police force and even the military.

There are 4 classifications that dogs are grouped into when it comes to security; watch dogs, protection dogs, guard dogs and livestock guard dogs. Each dog comes with its own unique set of skills to complement the needs of the individual. Watch dogs work by alerting their owner/trainer to intruders on the premises but will not attack the intruder. Guard Dogs work in a similar way but are then trained to charge at the intruder and pin them down if they are seen as a threat. Protection dogs are trained to carry out the actions of both guard and watch dogs; they can attack but are not overtly aggressive but show a great deal of independence and presence. The final type is Livestock guard dogs which are trained to perform the roles of all of the aforementioned types. These dogs are highly intelligent and aware of their surroundings which makes them perfect for working in rural environments. Whilst they can adapt to a more urban setting if necessary they tend to struggle without open spaces in which to roam.