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Benefits of a Guard Dog
When it comes to your business, security is something you can’t afford to skip. Generally you will find that most business properties will have the standard set up of security cameras and alarmed doors and windows. However, whilst these measures are helpful in protecting your property, they aren’t always enough. Just as security technology advances, so do criminals means of disabling and destroying them without you knowing until it’s too late.

In these instances where your business property is too important to leave to chance, you may want to consider extra security measures such as guard dogs. There are numerous benefits to using security patrol dogs over regular security patrols, some of which have been detailed below.

Security Dogs from Hallmark Security

Starting with one of the most obvious benefits, guard dogs provide a visual deterrent that normal security guards do not always provide. Generally with a security guard those wishing to break into your property know the risks and can weigh up the outcomes if they are seen/caught. With a security patrol dog it is much more difficult to establish the outcome and what the dog is trained to do. The intruder will be unsure in what ways the dog is trained to protect the property, is it to simply vocally scare them away or to physically attack them and hold them until the necessary authorities arrive. As a result, statistically it has been proven that your business is far less likely to be targeted.

Another benefit you will find is how highly trained both the dog and their handler are in comparison to regular security guards. Whilst you will be paying slightly more for protection, you are getting your money’s worth with the combined awareness of the dog and the handler. The patrol dog is trained so that they use their heightened senses to detect any smell, sound or movement from distances humans are unable to. Their handler is then equally trained to not only themselves act as a security guard and be patrolling but to notice and understand signs from the dog if they have detected someone. As a result of these heightened senses, you will not need to hire as many guard dogs as you would security guards.

Security Patrol Dogs from Hallmark Security Ltd

Not all security guards are trained to work on different properties and as a result would cost you time, man power and ultimately money training them. The beauty of hiring a guard dog is that they are already fully trained to the highest standard to work on practically any site. Whether your business is residential, commercial, construction etc. these dogs are able to detect movement, substances, and certain behaviours, amongst other things.

If you do decide that guard dogs are the best security solution for your business then it is important that you go through a reputable firm that has licensed and trained staff and animals. In the UK currently there are no specific laws in this area which prohibit people from using their non-regulatory trained dogs as ‘security’ dogs. As a result, using a company with a professional and long standing reputation for this service is widely advised.

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