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Key Holding in Huyton

Businesses and Homes are always at risk from theft and vandalism. Even with state of the art alarm systems, it’s only as good as the response it receives.


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Key Holding Service is the ideal solution for you or your organisation.

Key Holding Service in Huyton

Our flexible service offers you peace of mind, knowing that you are fully compliant with your insurers’ requirements, and ensuring the safety of staff in line with the Corporate Manslaughter Act.

As an obvious extension of our core business, and holding SIA Accreditation in the same, Hallmark Security Limited are able to offer a full Key Holding Service to your domestic or commercial premises in Huyton.

We have a short initial meeting with you discussing the layout of your premises and alarm system. We then agree on site specific instructions relating to entry procedures for the use of our attending Response Officer.

The relevant keys are collected from you and tested, a Key Receipt Form is then signed by both parties.

Your keys are then coded and sealed within our secure control room. The seal will only be broken when we attend your premises due to an alarm activation, or during one of our regular key audits.

Every key seal change is meticulously recorded in our Key Log.

All of our Mobile Patrol Officers are accredited Security Dog Handlers, and as such, all alarm responses are attended by a Security Dog Handler Response Team. We have a range of high visibility Response Dog Units within our expanding fleet. Every vehicle is fitted with live GPS tracking from Navman Wireless UK, allowing our Control Room to get the nearest patrol vehicle to your premises without delay.

Upon an Alarm Activation, one of our experienced Response Officers will attend your alarm and carry out a full inspection before resetting the alarm and securing the premises, if it was a false alarm.

Each and every activation will be documented and emailed to you the following morning for your perusal.

You will receive a full report each time we attend, including what time we arrived, what was found, any actions taken on your behalf and what time we left the site.

We will then contact you to follow up on the report and ensure you are not using our Response Service unnecessarily due to human error or faulty/temperamental alarm systems.

If there is an incident/fault that requires immediate action the Response Officer will contact one of your named key holders to notify them of the situation, assisting in any subsequent action.

If damage has occurred or repairs are immediately required we can enlist one of our/your approved contractors to carry these out without the need for you to attend at that time.

Potential risk to you or your staff and the consequent liability is eliminated with our prompt and efficient response.

Benefits of our Huyton keyholding service include:

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