The Best Paid Security Guard Jobs in the World

Let’s be honest, the security industry doesn’t have the greatest reputation for high-paid jobs. Often security is associated with low-end jobs in deprived areas, but are wages really so bad? An overnight security guard at a supermarket can earn a wage in keeping with the locality in which they work. Where jobs are scarce, a security job can be a fantastic proposition.


Much depends on the place in which you’re doing the job. Working as a security guard in the shopping centre around the corner will pay you a lot less than guarding an oil installation in the Arabian Desert. And why wouldn’t it?

The pay for security guards is heavily linked to the type of work they’re doing. Personal risk can vary greatly and those exposed to the greatest danger will earn the most money. Who can forget those private security workers who were abducted and killed in Iraq?


The danger factor is the real difference between high and low earning security jobs. If you’re apprehending shoplifters in Surrey, you’re going to be reasonably sure of getting home each evening. If it’s greater earnings you’re after, you’ll need higher skills and a greater acceptance of risk. It’s unsurprising that some of the best-paid security jobs are concerned with looking after high-value assets in unstable regions.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have provided no shortage of opportunities for the security industry, and even with hostilities greatly reduced there remains a market for skilled security personnel.

Value of Assets

Risk is just one factor that drives up the earnings of a security guard. Another is the value of whatever it is they’re guarding. Naturally, a security guard transporting currency will earn more than a guard in a supermarket. Guards assigned to protect high-value commodities such as diamonds or gold bullion will have even greater earning opportunities.

Much depends on the value the employer places on the work you’re doing. Some companies hiring contract security guards may be willing to pay less, although the experience gained can be invaluable. Private companies in fields that hire security guards to protect their core business function may see it as being in their best interest to pay a higher rate, experience permitting.


One of the best paying areas a security guard can find work is in the protection of a high profile individual. It’s a sad reflection on our world that anyone with a public personality may be deemed at risk. Much of this is to do with the spread of the internet and real-time information. Many wealthy or famous people, whether they’re in showbiz, sports or politics, hire personal protection staff to oversee their personal safety. These roles aren’t solely about physical protection, but also online protection. Such roles can be extremely well paid. After all, if you fear for your life, why not spend money to protect yourself?

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