Security guard roles and responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of a security guard are not what they used to be. There is a lot more to the job than most people realise especially as technology and the world has advanced. Whilst those who work within the armed and police services are trained to respond to crimes after they have occurred, security guards take a more preventative approach.

The task of preventing and deterring crimes can often be just as difficult as responding to a crime. That being said, it is important to understand the duties of modern day security guard. Here we have compiled a comprehensive list.

  1. Vigilance

Being vigilant of everything going on around them and the property is one of the key jobs of a security guard. Every one of their senses should be on alert when they are working and should not allow themselves to be distracted.

  1. Visibility

Statistics show that criminals are less likely to commit a crime when they see that a property have security measures in place. This is why it is important that a security guard makes themselves visible to those within and surrounding the property as a means of deterrence.

  1. Observe and Report

Even when not in immediate danger a security guard must keep their wits about them and observe everything going. Reporting incidents to the appropriate authority whether it be their employer or the police is an integral part of the job. This ensures that the correct help is provided and hopefully will them prevent a situation from occurring again.

  1. Finding Help

If a security guard is faced with a dangerous situation such as a robbery with dangerous weapons they will need to find help. In this situation, they would quickly have to contact the police to ensure that people are not hurt in the process.

  1. Monitoring

Some employers may have rules in place which means that visitors need to be searched on entry or escorted around the property. They may also require all personnel to carry ID on them when on the premises. This is something that a security guard will need to enforce at all times.

  1. Guests

Security Guards sometimes will also have the job of a receptionist in that they are the first person that guests will see when they walk in. Whilst naturally demonstrating that the property is protected they must also be friendly and approachable.

  1. Maintain Order

A security guard is likely to be present at many different events with large numbers of people. In this situations as well as keeping the guests and property generally safe they must also be able to maintain order in the case of an emergency.

  1. Advice and tips

Advising those on the property of the consequences of not following the rules and regulations in place is another duty of a security guard. This allows people to better understand what they should do in emergencies and what they should do to avoid these kinds of situations.

  1. Special Duties

In some cases, security guards will be expected to perform special duties especially if hired by an individual as opposed to a company. Additional responsibilities may include taking phone calls, responding to emails and texts as well as running errands.

  1. Correct and Quick Response

Sensing when there is a danger is one thing but a security guard needs to know how to correctly respond. They must know how to correctly respond to different kinds of crises.