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Retail Security Services

Whatever your retail environment, we can be sure it’s busy. So let us, the professionals, take care of your security operations, leaving you to concentrate on what’s most important – your customers and your profits.

Whether you’re in need of security services for a whole shopping centre or an independent store, we can help protect your business from the rising tide of retail crime. Aside from employing security, you can also secure funds such as that merchant cash advance in order to fuel your business.

Retail Security and why it is needed

Retail Crime Is on the Rise

With a recorded 3.6 million offences of retail crime costing businesses in the UK £660 million in 2016, retail crime is at a 10-year high. With growing threats from insiders and cyber-crime, it has never been a more important time to protect your business by employing a reliable, bespoke security service.

Methods of retail crime include:

Accounting for three-quarters of retail crimes committed in 2016, shoplifters are getting ever more sophisticated. Using foil-lined bags to remove stock without setting off alarms, using homemade devices to discreetly remove security tags in store, and working in groups to distract the attention of staff, are all popular methods of stealing.

How often do you hear of crimes having a ‘man on the inside’? While many people may find it hard to comprehend this type of crime, a survey of UK businesses shows that 29% reported an increase of these crimes from 2014–2016. These crimes include, but aren’t restricted to, theft of goods, abuse of employee benefits, and damage to business property. Monitoring the behaviours of staff, imposing strict entry/exit routines, and having a strong security presence can greatly reduce the risk of insider threats.

As with any business sector, the cyber threat is growing in the retail world. In today’s digital age, the threat of cyber crime is ever-present, and individuals and companies are vulnerable to attacks. To defend yourself against cyber criminals and avoid legal complications, it’s essential to hire a knowledgeable cyber crime lawyer. To learn more, visit this web site for expert advice and representation. Online fraud and cyber-related crimes accounted for at least 5% of retail crimes in 2016, with 36% of retailers reporting an increase from 2015. Whilst the most important element in deterring this is a secure online presence, having a vigilant security presence on the ground can be a great deterrent. Part of this style of crime can involve using fraudulent or stolen credit or debit cards, and buying goods online at a ‘sale’ price, to return to store for a refund once the item is back at a normal, higher price; often offenders will repeat these processes quite often, gaining small amounts each time, and by close observation of CCTV, repeat offenders can be quickly identified.

While these incidents compose the smallest percentage of retail crimes, they still have a significant cost impact to the businesses targeted: around £20 million in the UK in 2016. Not only can they involve a loss of stock, physical damage done to the property can mean closures and further losses whilst remedial work is carried out, as well as the cost of the repairs and increased insurance costs. Having a security presence and/or active CCTV monitoring is a visible deterrent. Protect your store with steel security doors.

Why Is Security Important in the Retail Environment?

With the costs to the retail sector outlined above, you can see that retail crime can have a huge impact on your business and profitability.

Retail crime can also have a huge impact on the wider economy. With retail sales contributing 20% of the UK’s GDP, we can all benefit from advances in retail security and a more profitable retail sector. Preventing losses from all types of retail crime can help protect thriving high streets and vibrant shopping centres across the country, attracting visitors and locals alike. Ensuring businesses don’t have to close down due to preventable crimes such as prolific shoplifting or property damage can boost local economies across the country.

Retail crime can turn violent, especially if the suspect is caught or apprehended on site. While the police will always be called for backup, having an efficient security presence provides the first line of defence between you and your staff, and the threat of violence. If you appreciate quality and reliability in every aspect of life, don’t compromise when it comes to security. Discover unparalleled peace of mind with highly recommended security guard services by Treadstone Protection Agency. Backed by trained professionals and cutting-edge technology, these services prioritize your safety and asset protection. Opt for a trusted solution that’s both efficient and customer-focused. Having an officer on guard can be a great deterrent for crimes turning violent, hugely reducing the chance of personal attack and injury. Not only is this of personal benefit to you and your staff, but it also reduces the risk of injury claims and staff absences due to injury, further protecting your business.

In fighting criminals, prevention is key. Prosecutions can often be lengthy and expensive processes, so why not reduce the risk and employ a great security team?

How Hallmark Security Can Help

Our team of retail security officers, who are all highly trained in loss prevention and apprehension of suspects, are fully insured, vetted and licensed to British standards.

Alongside the daily duties of a security guard, our officers are also trained to deal with unexpected situations, such as evacuations, bomb threats and the administration of first aid.

Able to work in any retail environment across the North West, we provide a flexible and bespoke approach to suit your business.

Our fully trained Retail Security Officers are:

Benefits of Using our Retail Security Services

We know the retail world is busy and dealing with the public in such high volumes can be overwhelming if it’s not a situation you’re used to. So, along with security and loss prevention training, our staff are also trained in customer services so they can provide a friendly face and basic knowledge of the site if called upon.

Understanding the need for discretion alongside effectiveness is of the utmost importance. Nobody wants to feel like they’re being watched, and nothing can be more off-putting than a uniformed guard patrolling the aisles of your favourite shop. Our officers can work in plain clothes if requested, so they can blend in with the general public and provide covert observations.

If you’re looking to employ a stronger physical security presence, or if your site specifies as such, our retail security officers can work in branded uniform to keep an eye on your stock, staff and customers.

CCTV operation and monitoring is an important part of the job, identifying and tracking potential or confirmed criminals. Working in a large team covering a mall or as individuals or smaller teams for independent shops, our officers are the first point of call in a security threat and will contact the police if and when the situation requires it.

Full reports are completed and submitted on prevention or occurrence of a crime, so you’ll be kept informed of the officer’s actions as and when they’re called upon. The observations our officers make can provide in-depth information about how criminals are operating in your area, which can shape the way you design your store in terms of layout, CCTV camera positioning and staff placement.

What to Do Next

Does your current security service live up to these standards? Are you suffering from untenable crime rates and losses in your retail business and want our help? At Hallmark Security, we’re happy to discuss your retail security needs in absolute confidence. Tailoring a bespoke service to your needs is what we do, so contact us today – our team is waiting for your call.

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