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Security Patrol Dogs

Security Patrol Dogs are the core area of our business; we supply BS 8517 compliant Security Patrol Dog & Handler Teams throughout the U.K. Whether you want to feel safe in the knowledge your business premises are secure or need peace of mind at a high-profile event, Hallmark Security Limited are here to assist you with our professional security patrol dogs. Contact us today to arrange a no obligation confidential consultation or call us on 0151 257 9994.

Security Patrol Dogs from Hallmark Security Ltd

There are certain times when the only real option is to use a Security Patrol Dog Team. Specifically, this is a trained Security Patrol Dog with an accredited Security Dog Handler. Our highly trained Security Dog Teams protect property, premises and people. A fully trained Security Dog Team offers the most effective deterrent against intruders, vandals and thieves.

Patrol Dogs

Patrol Dogs are psychologically demoralizing to criminals, and these people will think twice knowing they have the chance of coming up against our trained Patrol Dog Teams.

Security Patrol Dogs are trained to pick up on intruders or hidden persons within the patrol and to protect their handler by standing their ground and showing controlled aggression.  The Patrol Dogs are also trained to accept other people in their environment and to only react, on command, if a specific threat is made against the handler.

Our Patrol Dogs’ formidable speed and sharp senses of sight, sound and smell mean that just one Patrol Dog Team performs the work of several static security guards.

Hallmark Security Patrol Dog Teams are trained to the high standards of obedience, agility and protection required by NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users), of which we hold Inspected Company status.

Hallmark Security Limited has its own in house, accredited trainers. The training and assessments are continuous, and almost always undertaken in live, on-site conditions, often at night, to replicate real life scenarios as closely as possible.

At present we supply Security Dog Handling services nationwide to Motorway Service Stations, National Distribution Hubs, Utility Companies, Chemical factories, Remote Telephone Masts, Hospitals, Demolition & Construction Sites, Empty Industrial Properties, Waste & Metal Recycling Sites, Garden Centres and Special Events, among others.

Security Patrol Dog Services

Your confidence in us and our services is paramount.

As part of our BS 8517 undertakings, all of our dogs and handlers are assessed on a regular basis, so you can be sure that we always exceed the standard requirements.

All of our officers are supplied with and are required to use an Active Guard patrol point device, which allows us to monitor their wellbeing and performance. Full reporting is made available to our clients on request.

As one of the country’s largest specialist Security Dog Handling Companies, we often provide our services to other SIA Approved Contractor’s on a sub contract basis.

We are able to assist your company in providing a quality service to your clients.

We have a range of unbranded but high visibility dog unit vehicles within our expanding fleet, and every vehicle is fitted with live GPS tracking from Navman Wireless UK.

For more information about our security patrol dog services or our Dog Restraint and Bailiff Warrant Services, or for a no obligation confidential consultation, contact us today or call us on 0151 257 9994.

Hallmark Security Limited…. THE Quality Solution!

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